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Trade Federation Episode 89
February 24, 2017 Joe Ryan and Bill Drewnowski

News The speed at which the Star Wars 40th Anniversary Black Series line went from official announcement to in the hands of collectors was astounding. While the new vintage-style packaging may not be perfect, Bill is generally satisfied overall. Listen in as he shares his pros and cons of this release, as well as info about the rest of the line. #TradeFedComics Joe and Bill share their reactions to re-reading Marvel's Darth Vader #2. Not quite as epic as #1, this issue begins to develop some of the themes and plots that will continue through the rest of the run. Vader bumps heads with his new boss Grand General Tagge, however Vader's power and cunning are on full display in the second issue of Darth Vader. Social Joe: @TradeFedCast | Bill: @LostStarWars

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