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The Trade Federation
Trade Federation Episode 62
June 29, 2016 Joe Ryan and Bill Drewnowski

It has been a very strange week for Star Wars Card Trader, so Joe and Bill sit down to talk all about the recent updates and changes to the cards we have available in app the the ways by which we will be acquiring them moving forward. The biggest thing that happened this week is the release of a heaping pile of brand new expansion base cards. Hot on the heels of the second series of Marathons ending, Topps begun dropping the Base 3 Expansion Preview cards for purchase in the 'spend real money' section of the app, which gave us all a good look at the new cards that would be coming for us to get in packs. What very few people expected was that when those cards finally landed in standard parallels, they'd not only be segregated to their own packs but also cost significantly more than the previous packs. A three card pack of new white expansion base cards, formerly 2500 credits is up to a full 5000, and every other pack has also doubled. Blue expansion packs will cost you 10k and the red expansion base pack with 7 cards costs a whopping 15,000 credits. This would be bizarre on its own, but making the situation far more concerning and even confusing is the fact that we have already begun a brand new series of Marathon chases! So far Droids and Evolution are the news sets revealed, and while neither seem to be likely to be huge fan favorites the most interesting thing about the whole ordeal is the fact that these new marathon cards have 24-hour windows to be pulled and for the first 4-6 hours can ONLY be pulled in the 15,000 credit packs at 'reduced' odds. Following this exclusivity window the cards become available in the standard red base packs for 7500 credits but the odds are more than twice as hard and you will get zero new expansion base cards by choosing to chase in that fashion. Joe and Bill are both enthusiastic about the new base cards, everything from their design to their character choices seem to be very nice. However neither of the hosts can get on board with the fact that the cards are separated out into their own special insanely expensive packs instead of being mixed in with the regular set of base cards. After talking about the new sets for a while the guys get into the weekly listener calls and more on the latest Trade Federation!

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