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Trade Federation Episode 61
June 23, 2016 Joe Ryan and Bill Drewnowski

In a week marred by a number of frustrations across multiple different Topps apps, Joe and Bill sit down and try to decide what the future looks like. Mostly though, Joe is mad about a number of different things and is taking the time to air his grievances. There are a number of things that have had people frustrated in the recent weeks, from the Topps producers pulling back from Twitter, strange sets with annoying mechanics, and worst of all people spending credits on packs that actually don't have chase cards in them and Topps seemingly new refusal to do credit refunds even in the case of a screw up on their end. Welcome to the era of checking and double checking card counts before you spend credits! Joe shares an email he received stating that Topps will no longer issue credit refunds (that in fact, they are UNABLE to do so despite many credit refunds in the past) and that in some cases packs may still be available in the credit store when the inserts have sold out. Suddenly Topps Card Trader apps are a 'buyer beware' affair and Joe is none too happy about any of it. On the bright side Bill was able to obtain one of his white whale cards this week. As many people read about in the subreddit, Bill made an epic cross-trade from Walking Dead in order to get the very exclusive 2015 Orange Base Variant Han. He spends some time telling the story of how he managed to get the card, what he had to give up to get it, and then gives a little history lesson on the card itself and why he has long viewed it as his white whale. After that it's a section all about Rogue One details, prefaced by a sufficiently long and noticeable SPOILER ALERT WARNING so you are free to listen up to this point if you are trying to avoid everything released about the upcoming film! SHOW NOTES 0:00 Intro 0:45 Listener Calls 0:55 Rogue One Spoiler Talk

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