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Trade Federation Episode 58
June 01, 2016 Joe Ryan and Bill Drewnowski

It's getting closer and closer to the end of marathons round 2 in Star Wars Card Trader, so Bill and Joe sit down to talk about what we may expect to see going forward. Will some of the marathons come back for a second or even third time? And if so, which ones? The crew makes predictions about what seems likely to come back, what has a halfway decent shot of coming back, and what almost certainly won't be back again. They also discuss what sets could use a redesign if they want to be brought back, and Joe makes a prediction about how marathon cards will be delivered in the future. Here's a hint: most people won't like it. Then the guys chat a bit more about the perceived bait-and-switch with the release of Posters wave 3 and 4 and talk about the excellent (and well received) Clone Wars Zoom cards that continued the trend of releasing a good looking set at decent odds that featured Clone Wars characters. As expected Bill COULD have collected them...but instead chose to work some trading magic and got some huge payoffs in exchange for the Zoom cards he acquired. Listener voicemails feature three regular voices, but not trivia or JB1127 this week! BMan133 tells his story about being bamboozled by the jumping pack store, Jose_Martinez chats Walking Dead for an epic three-parter, and Pittsburghnerd gives his vote of confidence about the crew of Trade Federation tackling more diverse collecting topics in the future. Then it's on to the poll in which the guys ask what sorts of other collecting topics listeners would like to hear about in the future. Would you like to hear about comics, action figures, video games? Maybe something the crew didn't eve think of? Let them know! Then there's a bit of physical card collecting talk on this week's episode of Trade Federation Podcast!

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