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Trade Federation Episode 56
May 18, 2016 Joe Ryan and Bill Drewnowski

It's been a big week for Topps with the release of a brand new card collecting app! And surprising nearly everyone, it's The Walking Dead Card Trader! People had known Topps had another license coming, but speculation was that we'd be receiving something based on a license that Topps currently held. WWE and Dr. Who were the top prospects as far as most were concerned, with Garbage Pail Kids being another hot option, but TWDCT (a little unwieldy, we admit) came out of nowhere to the surprise and delight of Joe and Bill, at the very least. First up this week, the guys are cracking jokes about everything at RetroZap becoming Walking Dead content going forward but then it's a bit of business as usual as the cover Hoth Ice and Mustafar Fire variants and Joe's favorite new set Clone Wars Illuminated. Once all the important Star Wars news is out of the way it's on to The Walking Dead! The crew breaks down the new marathons and the sets, talks about marathon odds vs regular set odds and prices, talk about how the cards look and compare to Star Wars and more. Everyone in the SWCT community seems to think that Walking Dead is nearly impossible for a free to play person to keep up with, but Joe and Bill don't entirely agree. With the way inserts are stacking in the packs, it'll be interesting to see how Topps handles things going forward, and Trade Federation will continue to cover the events as they unfold! After that, it's on to the poll where Bill took extra time to frustrate everyone in advance of the recording by claiming that the show will be focused on the the new Walking Dead app rather than Star Wars going forward, and some people seemed to believe him. Then it's an extra large selection of listener questions and voicemails on this jam packed episode of The Trade Federation!

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