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The Trade Federation
Trade Federation Episode 48
March 22, 2016 Joe Ryan and Bill Drewnowski

It's a packed episode this week as Joe and Bill sit down for Episode 48. Ever wondered why the show is dedicated to Star Wars Card Trader 'and other collectibles'? Finally you get a chance to find out as the guys start the show with a chat about Star Wars Funko POP figures and Bill talks a bit about the monthly Smuggler's Bounty box, as well as the various chase variants found (or not found as the case may be for Bill) in the box. Before long however, it's a return to the Star Wars Card Trader talk you know and love. Listen as the guys tackle the new Mini card variants and discuss how charging $99 for a smaller version of a digital card seems like the definition of insanity. Worry not if you are concerned that Topps has claimed that the mini cards will never be put on sale as Bill has a very plausible explanation of how they may manage to do that very thing thanks to some clever wording in the transmission. Next up Joe and Bill get into the new (and arguably best) base variant we have seen in a long while: Laser Burst! As the polar opposite to the new Mini set, the Laser Burst variants look great and are totally free, while also giving collectors a chance to chase a more limited Laser Burst set and the end of every week as a reward for collecting all the free versions. The guys speculate for a short time about how hard they will be to obtain before Joe makes a bold proclamation about values and chasing the Laser Burst sets to the bitter end. All that and there's still more new cards (Galactic Crests) as well as the weekly poll and listener voicemails to get into on the latest episode of The Trade Federation!

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